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Willatar is a textile business run by Outi Karikivi, from an old period property in Porvoo, Finland. Willatar sells clothes and accessories to retailers around Finland. All products are made from natural and/or second-hand materials; some of them are felted; others are designed, redesigned or if you like from second-hand materials.Outi is also involved in teaching and organizing many kinds of courses on request.

Weddings and other festive occasions

If you want to be an ecological bride we can make you an enchanting dress by felting lace curtains. The dress will then be decorated with old

pearls, lace ribbons and mother-of-pearl buttons. Old lace sheets and thin linen can also be used as material for such dresses.

An evening dress can be made for example, from an old hand-crocheted bed cover that will be dyed, together with a petticoat, to the color of your choice. Each of these dresses are unique and designed individually!

We can also remake (update) your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress.

Recycled materials

Old knitwear can be transformed into a dense and soft material through felting. This can be used to make wristlets, little pouches for your make-up, bags and boleros which are then decorated with felt roses and pearls.

Second-hand coats and jackets gain a new life as bags and tablet covers. They always have an enchanting vintage lining.

Second-hand t-shirts and men's dress shirts transform into dresses and tunics. Sometimes they are embellished with prints designed by willatar.

Workshops and experiences

Visitors get to explore the workshop located in the idyllic 18th century courtyard in the heart of Porvoo Old Town. In addition there is an opportunity to relax by creating small handcrafts from recycled materials. The property has a fascinating history, and the introduction is a part of the product.

Services and visitations are on request

Groups size 4-10 people, served light refreshments



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